Amanda and Jims engagement session was nothing short of awesome. We had the perfect light and with the waterfall as our backdrop! As we started Jim was insistent on not taking off his hat..hehe we got him :) The two of them seriously could not have been more perfect! I can not wait to shoot their wedding next weekend!


lizcransatticanewyorkphotographer_0193 lizcransatticanewyorkphotographer_0194 lizcransatticanewyorkphotographer_0192 lizcransatticanewyorkphotographer_0191 lizcransatticanewyorkphotographer_0190



I met with Michelle last summer to discuss her 2014 wedding, now the time is finally here! Michelle and Dean are getting married. We had originally tried to shoot the end of April, the weather, however had different plans. It took us 2 more times to get a date that didn’t include thunderstorms! I am so glad we had waited! We had so much fun at their session and I can’t wait to see what they do for their wedding!






Emma had been fundraising for weeks in preparation for her big day! She had decided that during this years Bald for Bucks fundraiser that she would be going bald. She did such an awesome job fundraising that she was one of the top students at her school for the most money raised! What an awesome experiece for her, and everyone that was there watching it happen! I am so proud of her! Check out the pictures below to see how she transformed. :)







Mar 30, 2014

Friday we celebrated Lincolns first birthday! What a fast year that was! Lincoln is one of the most laid back go with the flow little boys I have ever met. Here are some pictures from his first birthday shoot and his birthday party today!! We had so much fun today celebrating his birthday with friends and family! We are so blessed to have the incredible family that we do.  I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. :)

lizcransatticanewyorkphotographer_0107 lizcransatticanewyorkphotographer_0108 lizcransatticanewyorkphotographer_0109 lizcransatticanewyorkphotographer_0110 lizcransatticanewyorkphotographer_0111 lizcransatticanewyorkphotographer_0112 lizcransatticanewyorkphotographer_0113 lizcransatticanewyorkphotographer_0114 lizcransatticanewyorkphotographer_0115 lizcransatticanewyorkphotographer_0116 lizcransatticanewyorkphotographer_0117 lizcransatticanewyorkphotographer_0118 lizcransatticanewyorkphotographer_0119 lizcransatticanewyorkphotographer_0120 lizcransatticanewyorkphotographer_0121 lizcransatticanewyorkphotographer_0122 lizcransatticanewyorkphotographer_0123 lizcransatticanewyorkphotographer_0124 lizcransatticanewyorkphotographer_0125 lizcransatticanewyorkphotographer_0126 lizcransatticanewyorkphotographer_0127 lizcransatticanewyorkphotographer_0128 lizcransatticanewyorkphotographer_0129 lizcransatticanewyorkphotographer_0130 lizcransatticanewyorkphotographer_0131

I have joined some awesome fellow photographers in a Blog Circle. Each month we have a theme, we then take pictures to match that theme and post them to our blog and see what the other photographers come up with! I am so excited to see how different each one of is with our interpretation! January’s theme was Love. I decided to blog about how my kids ( little loves)  have been spending their days.

With all of the crazy weather we have been having, we have been stuck inside for what seems like days! My little loves are so ready to be able to go outside and use all of their energy! We haven’t even been able to build a snow man yet because of how cold it has been. We have had lots of lazy laid back days enjoying each day as it comes and see what kind of mischief they can get into! When in doubt,  bath time! Both of my kids LOVE water. They would stay in the bath tub for hours just playing, giggling and swimming. Here is a little glimpse of what life has been like for us :)


lizcransatticanewyorkphotographer_0075 lizcransatticanewyorkphotographer_0076 lizcransatticanewyorkphotographer_0077 lizcransatticanewyorkphotographer_0078 lizcransatticanewyorkphotographer_0079 lizcransatticanewyorkphotographer_0080


When you are finished checking out my pictures, please head on over to visit the very talented to see how she interpreted this month’s theme!

I love clients that want that have ideas that they bring to their session! This is exactly what happened here, she wanted to do a painting session! How cute and fun! The kids, especially Lena loved painting and didnt want to stop :)


Since i have started my business, my two cousins have always been there to help model whatever I have needed. This year was no exception! I can not believe how much older they look in the images that we got during this session. Emma is definitely well on her way to her teen years. Once you see the images you will understand. Lily isnt far behind but thankfully still has a little bit of kid in :) Check out these images below!




I was super excited when Desiree contacted me about doing a shoot with her family. They are just the cutest family, so I knew we would have no problem getting a ton of awesome shots! Her 4 year old was so excited to show off his super hero moves when we first got there that I couldn’t help but snap a few shots of him in action!
Here are a few of my favorites from their fun session!

lizcransatticanewyorkphotographer_0013 lizcransatticanewyorkphotographer_0014










I am a little late in posting this again but at least its getting put up! When I read the theme for this week I instantly knew what I was going to photograph. Paige’s stuffed rabbit who used to be mine. BunBun. He is always getting left in the chair in our living room to chill out with her babies. Unfortunately BunBun is MIA at the moment. We have looked everywhere and cant seem to locate him. Paige hasn’t freaked out yet, thank god. So, that left me with something else to come up with to shoot for this week. Lucky for me, Paige has 3 American Girl doll babies that she takes EVERYWHERE. We have to make sure they go with us in the car and are in their carseat and buckled in. I happened to walk in the living room this week and there were her babies, just sitting on the chair. It was perfect! So i whipped out my camera and took some shots of them before Paige came back in the room. Even though I am only supposed to post one picture per week this week I am going to post the one I took and the one Paige insisted on taking for my blog. :)

 Have a great week, everyone!!

With keeping up with my 52 weeks, I have decided to keep it centered around you guys getting to know me and who I am behind the camera and  the business!

This weeks challenge was to photograph something with patterns, it just so happened that the shirt I had on today was green and white stripes! How perfect :-)
This week also marks 30 weeks! Baby is the size of a cucumber! Only about 10 left to go…woohoo! So even though my face is still covered up you can see my pattern and me! ( well most of me haha)